Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your accrue investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Put your investing ideas into action with full range of investments. Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your accrue investing.

Yes, the registration is necessary to get the full access to a dashboard. So your first step should be registering on the site. It is simple and fast process - paste your details and follow the rest of instructions. After registration wait for the confirmation e-mail. If you do not see it - wait a while (it may take even about 10-15 minutes when the traffic on the site is bigger) or check the SPAM folder. If you have any problems, contact us.
The full list of currencies is available after clicking in your dashboard. We encourage you to set up an account and check it. They are Bitcoin, BitcoinCASH, Ether, and Litecoin
Enter your dashboard and familiarize with it. It is simple to use. The transaction may be make with the full address or QR code scanning. Choose the more comfortable option. The full deposit will be available in your dashboard after the full network confirmation. The withdrawal is even simpler but you have to remember to choose the right cryptocurrency and amount.
We do not provide any investment advices. Our system is automatic. We do not share any investment strategies with third parties. Our strategies are the secret of the Company. We share with our users only trading bot and its possibilities.
We are not responsible for your results. We use bots to make trading. The risk of trading is minimized to almost zero. Remember that every trade or exchange actions are risky.
Yes, it is. Your details’ security is our priority. We care about site’s protection on various levels. Your money will be never available to any third parties. But you can also have the influence on your account’s security - remember to choose right and strong password. Do not share account details with anybody. And remember that we update security modes as often as it is possible.
Security is our priority. You can be sure that all your details are safe. Our security updates are made every week to make your account as safe as it is possible. We use our own solutions and many options of our external security companies. But you can also have the influence on your account - remember about strong password and do not share it with anybody.
If you have more questions, you can contact us. We encourage you to use chat with our consultants.